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Wood is an organic material, primarily situated in the trunks of trees and bushes. Dry wood is composed of cellulose (40%–50%), hemicellulose (25–30%) and a binder called lignin (25%–30%). Wood is a hard, fibrous tissue found in many trees. It has been used for hundreds of thousands of years both as fuel and as a building material. The Earth contains around 1,000,000,000,000 tons of wood that grows at a rate of 10 billion tons per year. Chopped and dried wood is used for various purposes. It has been one of the most important building materials throughout human history and still plays an important role in construction. One of the most significant uses of wood is in energy production, whether it be fresh, ground or processed into charcoal. It is widely used for making small objects and sculptures. Ground wood is also used in paper production. Wood is the most common fuel. Chopped and burned pieces of wood are called firewood.

Technically dried wood of different tree species is commonly used in furniture production.   This type of wood is artificially dried in drying facilities and contains 8% moisture after the drying process. The production of interior furniture in Slovenia mainly uses spruce, beech, ash and maple wood, while for exterior use oak, larch and spruce wood are mostly used.
There are several types and shapes of wood among our products.


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Logs Beech
Bare Oak
Pulpwood Spruce
Chips Fir
Pellets Hornbeam
Ground wood Maple

Wood panels

Sawdust Chestnut
FSC® - C116657 certified wood Acacia
Slabs Pine
Trimmings Poplar
Sawn wood Turkey oak and others ...